Bits is 4

As cliche as it sounds, somehow our last one is already 4. Not sure where the time went, but she’s so excited to be a “big girl” now because she gets to go to school!

Bits – Your growth over the last 4 years has been so fun to watch. This last year, we’re seeing more and more of an individual come through. Oh, sure, you still look like your sisters, and love to imitate (sometimes SOLELY to irritate) them, but you are your own. You figured out how to ride a bike (with training wheels) because every one else is. You ride a scooter like Evil Knievel in a dress. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve held my breath and waited to see what would happen next. (face planting into the plant is my most recent “oh no”).

Now that you get to be in school, you are living your dream. Every morning you ask if you get to go, and you cheer when the answer is yes. Your teacher tells us how wonderful and cooperative you’ve been. The stubborn streak we see while you learn and teach yourself a new skill will serve you well.

I know you love your sisters more than life, and I think they know that, too. Your smile and sense of humor have made us so happy to have you as our ‘caboose’, ‘finale’, ‘end’. I love my hugs I get when I come in from work. I love the snuggling while we read books and you keep working on words. I love your sass and spark and spunk. Love you to bits, Bits!



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