Bug is Double Digits

Days ago now, Bug turned 10. This month has been a disaster so I’m behind. *Sigh* We will all remember 2020 for all the wrong reasons.

But Bug, you turning 10, has been a bright spot recently. This post is usually a highlight of what you did in the last 12 months, but as we went into Covid nightmare March 16, you had a good three months of normal before it went crazy. In that time, you finished third and started fourth grade. You have excelled in math repeatedly and in reading. Last year you were the first done with the 12 Maud books, and I think you would have been this year had we not gone into a 24 day quarantine right then.

You played softball and tried basketball and volleyball. Turns out Mom was right and you like those sports, too. You didn’t make the team you wanted for softball, but you stepped up and worked hard, and were a leader on your team. Even when you were down on yourself for your pitching, you came off the field and were the team’s #1 cheerleader. While we’re working the down on yourself part, I’m immensely proud of you for shaking it off to cheer on your team.

While we were in quarantine, you also decided to make a Christmas card/decoration thing for each and every single one of your classmates. Even while we were wallowing in our pity because of the lock-down, you found a way to try to brighten other people’s days. That has always been a piece of who you are.

Your teacher tells us all the time that you are a kind kid with a good heart who is there for her classmates.

I love you, my little heart. You are a great person, and I look forward to the next year to see you grow and learn.