Peanut is 12

Today is what’s called a “Golden Birthday”.

Peanut, this last year started with a big change for you; a move to middle school. You did well, though, through the learning spots. You were on time all year with assignments, you pulled good grades, and stayed reasonably organized. I’m impressed at your transition, as we knew you were apprehensive,

From your teachers and other staff at school, we heard consistently you are a good kid, with a good head on your shoulders.  You work hard, did your best, and generally were fun to be around. As a parent, it is those compliments that mean more to us than anything.

Your 6th grade class headed off to Camp Widjiwakkawinkawo. (I know, I know, Camp Widji). You were so excited for these 4 days away to see and do things the rest of us didn’t. When you came home (and the tiredness wore off), it was so fun to see your face light up as you talked about what happened and what fun you had, and what you learned. I’m so grateful you were the kind of kid who was excited to try this challenge and not scared. You have been independent, and that makes us proud.

I love how you have been trying out new hairstyles, particularly the shorter ones. It’s been so much fun to see you step out of the ponytails-for-everyone, and try the different ones. So many people have commented positively on your strength to be unique and how awesome your hair cuts are. I wish you to take that strength forward in everything you do.

You have been a great big sister; attending the Nutcracker and Dance Recital and complimenting your sisters.  You have attended a fair amount of Bug’s and Jiggs’ activities, and mostly watched/encouraged. You have celebrated their achievements and have been supportive of their goals. I know you are stoked, as well, that your cousin is going to college here in MN.

Your sense of sarcasm, being finely honed by your cousins, is coming out and getting to be such fun.

Peanut, I think you are such fun to be around (well, mostly, you are a tween!). I love how responsible you have become, and the kind of role model you are to your sisters. Your sense of family, and wanting to spend time with your extended family has also been appreciated. I have loved to watch you push your own boundaries, gain in strength and independence. I am proud of you, and I am excited to see what next year’s adventures include.