About Erin

This is my blog to catch my musings about making it work. The title – Lamaze isn’t just for childbirth – has been my mantra as a mom for a long time. I often find myself breathing deeply (or needing to), due to the antics of my 4 girls.

I’m a full time working mom with an amazing Stay at Home Dad as a husband. He manages to keep us all sane. We married in July 2006, and I got to be a step-mom to “Kiddok” immediately. She’s a great kid, and working her way through the end of high school. The next round, “Peanut”, came 11 months after our wedding. She’s working her way through elementary school. Round 3 came 3.5 years later in the form of our “Bug”. The final round (and I mean final) came in the form our “Bits”, and she is definitely a great last addition!

My goal for this blog is two-fold. One – to capture our family life so the girls have somewhere to look as reminders of our family lifeĀ and two – spit out my words of wisdom (or not) for the girls, as sometimes, you just can’t tell kids things!

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