Peanut is 14

The last year has been a wild ride. When Covid hit, we thought we’d be done by the school year starting. That turned out to be utterly false, but this year was Peanut’s 8th grade year. Away we go.


Saturday you turned 14. This last year has been an adventure of Covid, on top of so many lasts. Some reminders have been tough. Missing your last birthday mass/social brought me sadness. But the joy you’ve brought on this journey of the last year at SACS, maturing to 14, and stepping up in so many ways, has been significant.

When we started the summer in quarantine, you were the little sister to a big brother and it was almost eerie to watch Sean and Erin er uh your cousin and you fight over things like how to clean a bathroom. The summer was a lot of outside time with the neighbors since we were all effectively stuck at home. You and the other big kids found ways to entertain and take them to parks, etc.

This last year at school was a little ridiculous. We had in school learning with masks and 2 months of distance learning thanks to a positive test in this house. You and I spent tons of car time every morning going to SACS and you walked home regularly.

What’s sticking out right now in my mind though, the most is the time we had traveling to High School softball practice. You made a decision to attend a different high school than we all anticipated and had the opportunity to play softball for them. You played every inning, every pitch at third base and I think you made about 2 mistakes. Everything else was dead on. You batted third every time (except that one time at 4th when they were trying something new). You even had their first steal of the season!

You were invited to play varsity as well, and I watched your confidence grow when the coach sent you in a tie game in the top of the 7th. He put you in a tie game in sectionals. (One of those you walked, one you didn’t make it on base). At some point you hit a double in a varsity game (say what… 8th grade doublin?)

Because you played so many games in Timbuktu, we had a lot of time to talk int eh car. Those conversations, from politics to what colors the trucks were will stick with me forever.

You are the simply the best (Tina Turner creds) with how you talk to your sisters and teammates, friends, parent, and adults. You attend the girls games (swim meets when allowed) and even take some great pictures of them. While your sisters may not appreciate it, you have been the best role model to them for what a sister looks like. Showing up, taking the good natured ribbing well, (I don’t know how often you were called short in the last 365 days), and dishing it back out.

While I cried a few times this last few weeks, because you ended your 10 years at SACS, I am incredibly proud of how they recognized you as a hard worker. focused and a leader. I cannot wait to see what the next 4 years will bring, but I know it will joy, pride, and amazement for the person you are.

Keep on being you and fighting the good fight. You are strong, capable, funny, and so very loved.

Featured image Credit to Nicole Lacoste.


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