Talia earned player of the game at the Dirt Devil tournament.

Bug is 11 Today

Today, we celebrate the middle child.

Bug, you were our Christmas present 11 years ago. Since then, you’ve been our constant reminder of what a heart looks like, what it looks like when you give grace and kindness through your actions and words. So very rare for you to say a bad word about anyone, including your sisters. Your teammates, your classmates, they get the best of you. Cheering your teammates and encouraging them, even when your dad puts you in right field 🙂 Often, you’re the one I hear cheering when sitting on the sidelines.

Your teacher talks about the kind of kid you are, too. Always kind to your classmates, willing to help, and having fun with whoever you are with. He can partner you with anyone, and you just keep going. Parents have told me how you encourage their kids and provide them a safe space to land. That they hope their kid is as a good as friend as you are. Bug – those words mean a lot us as Mom and Dad.

Bug, in the last year, I watched you learn to pour your heart and soul into the game and leave the it on the field. You are working so hard to figure out what you want, and how to get it. Life has come pretty easy and it’s now that you’re learning to step up, work hard, and how to be a leader. Sometimes you’re the youngest out there, and you have to command the field on the mound. It’s a learning process, and I can see you fighting for it.

We also watched you try volleyball this year. My proudest moment – your teammate had a rough, rough time one week. Walked off the court in tears and wouldn’t return. The next week you were next to her in rotation. Every time she made a play, tried to make a play, you were right there telling her “great job” and ‘”You did it!” I could see her shoulders relax and her energy improve. Great job Bug!

We are pushing you academically a little bit, and you’re taking it well. Again, you will have to continue learning to work hard, but I know you can do this all. Your curiosity and brain processes will take you so far. You ask me questions that require me to google answers occasionally. Your goal of being an architect is absolutely within your abilities. You are so capable of thinking creatively and strongly.

You are our walking heart. Our hugger and our healer. Bug, no matter how big you get, you are welcome in our arms for those hugs you freely give. Continue to give grace to all those around you as you do so well. I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months will bring, but I know within my heart of hearts it will bring us joy, dirt, bruises, and smiles. But I know beyond a shadow of doubt, you will make us proud of who you are because you do every day.