Kiddok is 20

In the ongoing narrative of kids birthday – another one hits Saturday. Kiddok is 20…

Because I don’t have permission from her for recent pictures for this blog, this will be without pictures.

In the last year, Kiddok, you have finished your first year of college, returned for the summer, engaged with your sisters, and had a job, etc. You were able to get a job at the library at school, and you really seemed to enjoy it. Your sisters missed you greatly last year (as did your parents!) but technology allowed some long-distance face-to-face conversations which I think helped greatly.

I’m so glad you were home this summer. Although all of us hated saying goodbye to Thor, I’m glad you were able to be here to pet and cherish him. Your bond with him was so important.

You have continued to show your compassion to the world. You have been and continue to be passionate in your defense of the underdog and marginalized. I admire that about you.

Although we didn’t see eye to eye much over the last year (and I don’t just mean the foot difference in our height), I still love you, believe in you, and respect the path you are forging. This year, I wish you to continue finding and pursuing your passions in this world. I’m so very hopeful that you find the ability to travel as part of school, and that it only continues to encourage your global view of life.

Happy 3rd decade kiddok!



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