Watching Youth Sports

We currently have 3 children living at home, ages 5, 7, 10. All of them are crazy busy in the Spring. One plays travel softball. One plays in-house softball, and does competition dance. One does rec soccer and rec dance. All of this is their choice; I don’t make them play a specific sport at a specific level, and I can promise you that I don’t make anyone dance. They are required to be active in some way, but they define the path.

We have received their basic schedules from about May 1st through mid-July. Peanut plays 8 double headers, mostly on Tuesdays, and a few Thursdays.  She also has 5 tournaments over weekends. Practice will be whenever they can get fields. Bug has two dance competitions and one recital. Her in-house games will be Tuesday and Thursdays. (There’s a trend about to happen). Her dance practice will continue to be Mon/Wed. One of her competitions is the same weekend as one of Peanut’s, but only about 9 minutes from each other. Bits has dance on Wednesdays and soccer on Thursday and Saturdays. Her recital is the same as her sister, so there’s that.

What this means is that I will have three kids at three different fields/gyms at the same time on some Thursdays and Saturdays. We only have two parents so we will have to get creative on the how. The wildest part is that we are also each coaching a different team so we can’t drop and run and return and… We’ll figure it out because that’s what we do.

Mike’s birthday weekend – at a dance competition (and more), his actual birthday, practice. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and our anniversary. We’ll be at a competition the weekend of Mike’s birthday, and his actual birthday will be at practice. Mother’s and Father’s Day will be spent at the ball fields, as will our anniversary.

And while you might think I’m complaining “so busy” or “overwhelmed”, I’m not complaining. (I’m certainly, at times, overwhelmed!)  I chose these 3, I chose to allow them sports and activities. I am however, unable to determine where else I’d rather be on Mother’s Day, Father’s day. I’m thrilled to be on the sidelines cheering these kids on. It gives me great pleasure to watch them interact with teammates, make a great play, turn a pirouette, etc. Spending my time watching my kids have fun and laugh and try and succeed is nothing short of amazing to me. I’m grateful for this time in my life with these kids.

I’m just hoping they are prepared to eat a lot of meals on the go.