Jiggs is 7

Oh man. Every year that I wrote this post, I am reminded that time does not stop and the years are fast.

This year, my Jiggs, you have led us on a merry roller coaster ride. During kindergarten, you danced, played soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, softball, and you wrestled and had swimming lessons.

You are strong. Although you enjoyed wrestling, you decided it was not your thing, and we’re done. But, I’m so proud that you went out and did your best trying to learn this sport that we had no exposure to prior to your attempts.

You are quick. Along with being amazing as a kindergartner, you have kept us on our toes with your quick sense of humor, your growing snark, and your physical athleticism, and card playing skills. It has been a joy to me that you are old enough to play the card games that our extended family enjoys. Watching you learn to win at Uno or figure out Phase 10 and Skipbo makes a momma’s heart happy. Your competitive nature comes out so much during cards, too. No one is going to steam roll you.

You are fierce.  Whether you are fighting with a sister, or for a sister, there’s a fierce side to you that will take you far. I have seen you defend a sister outside our walls, and for that, I’ll be ever grateful.

You are tough. This year, the softball association gave the option of U8 fall softball. When we gave you the option to play, your first question was “Do my sisters have to watch me play?” Upon affirmation, you decided that you would play. Although you were the youngest player on the team, you were determined. I saw you field some tough shots in the field with  your quick glove. I watched you get hit twice with the bat in one game, and still finish the inning behind the plate.

You are unique. Jiggs, it is not easy to be the youngest, but you handle it with panache and strength. I love that you are finding your own way in this world, and finding your own sports, your own friends, and your own sense of who you are. May this stay forever true. May you be unabashedly you.






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