Peanut is 11!

I present Peanut at 11.

Its been a big year here. Starting and ending 5th grade, and becoming a middle schooler. Making the B team in softball. Working out hard. Volunteering at the library. Visiting Pennsylvania without parents.

I have to say your tenacity has shown through time and again. Over the last year, there have been times when a lesser individual would have quit. And you didn’t. You stuck through, kept trying, and never gave up. Sure, we had some tears and frustrations, but then you got a taste of success, and off and running you are. Many times I have said “There’s no excuse for you not to be the hardest worker out there”. “Out there” can refer to sports, academics, and so much more. And by God, Peanut, you are a hard worker.

You have also been a great sister. You supported your little sisters by watching them at soccer at sports. Sitting through the Nutcracker at Christmas and 2 recitals in June. The first time you saw your sisters after they performed, you immediately told them they did a good job. Watching you sit through the Bug’s first competition was priceless. You, along with Dad and I, had no idea how this worked. But you sat through a bazillion dances and told her how well she did.

You’ve been stepping up your responsibility game. Helping shepherd your sisters to where they need to go when Dad is working at the school. We were able to leave you alone with your sisters in a stressful situation, and you did well. You’ve also been working with Tasha on getting her trained. Both of you are doing well, and it will get better as both of you age.

Let’s talk to your goals. Last year you wanted to:

  1. Move downstairs ♥
  2. Read a 500 page book ♥
  3. Get bat on ball ♥
  4. Have fun. ♥

Checked those off! Job well done!

This year:

  1. Put ball in outfield/hit a double (or higher)
  2. Do more service hours than required every quarter
  3. Reach out and make 1  new friend
  4. Push myself in something (I think you decided your goal was to get someone out who bunts)
  5. Read 50 books this summer (might be hard to track this, but we’ll see)
  6. Babysit

I love you Peanut. I’m proud of the kid you are; kind, hard working, and an overall great human!



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