Today is Kiddok’s birthday

Kiddok is 19 today, and Facebook made sure to remind me. (As if I ever hear the date 9/24, and don’t immediately think of her…) And before I left the house this morning, I got to see a video of her opening her presents. Kiddok was thoughtful enough to video her opening the box and seemed genuinely excited about most of it.

Kiddok – Last year’s post was about you commencing your senior year and figuring out what you wanted next for college. And now, off to college you are. Figuring out classes and clubs and a whole new social experience. I so very much hope that it’s starting to get a bit easier and a bit less scary. I hope that you are having fun along the way of learning more; whether it’s learning in the classroom or learning from new folks and ideas.

You continue to be the kind of person who is trying to think about more than just herself, and more than just in your space. You care about the marginalized and the weak and you will take on the strong as needed. You have a strong sense of who you are and who you want to be.

I am looking forward to hanging with you when we get to see you again. Until then, your sisters, Dad, dogs and I miss you. I know you get silly videos and random texts from and about your sisters. Most of the time they will do something and then say “take a video and send it to Autumn?” I can’t say no. I know they miss you as we do and this is their way of staying in touch. We appreciate so much when you get back to us. They love the glimpses back in to your life, too!

The Beast Hands up


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