Peanut is 8 today!!!

My Peanut is 8 today!!! In my ongoing effort to document their years and give them somewhere to go to see how much I love them, we’re going to talk about her.

This year, Peanut, you gained so much. Your sparkling personality, sense of humor, color is just coming to the front more and more. Your quick wit has left your dad and I in stitches more than once. One time comes to mind when you found a million dollar house on the shore, and finding out we couldn’t afford it, you told me “You need to work harder”. We still chuckle and use that quote.

When I was telling you a joke I asked you “what’s bright and colorful” and you immediately said “me”. You are right – you are bright and colorful.  I look forward to more and more one-liners, as well as you continuing to grow and gain in your confidence.

All things bright and beautiful!

All things bright and beautiful!

It’s so nice to know that your confidence is showing off outside this house as well. When your teacher sent home an email regarding you this year, she called you spunky and responsible. Man, your dad and I were so proud of that. It hints at your quick wit and ability to enjoy life, as well as your ability to understand right/wrong, and the kind of internal moral compass you’ve been growing, including your ability to work hard.


You’ve been showing us more and more of your responsibility, too. You came to us and asked us to help get you get more ready for 3rd grade math. You asked us to help you get to travel softball this fall. You’ve been trying new things like Crossfit for Kids, lacrosse, and dance team. You found some you liked more than others, but gave your all at those activities. You don’t have to like everything you try – but giving your all during the commitment is what we ask and what you deliver.


Your relationships with your sisters and parents and grandparents have been growing as well. Grandpa. specifically, called out that he really enjoyed you hanging out with him when he’s been out this year. You really showed him how well you listened to him and how much you valued your relationship. Grandma has so much fun taking you to do Grandma days because of the obvious enjoyment you get just being in her company.

You had an awesome year last year and we look forward to another awesome year with you. Please keep setting your own goals and working towards them – Mommy and Daddy will help you. Please keep living life out loud. I pray that you continue to find happiness and love and fun along with working hard. You are striking a great balance and I pray you continue to! I love you my Peanut. (Some pictures courtesy of Megan Stans of Digitialbean photography)


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