Bug will be 4!

This week, my middle little turns 4. In my on-going effort to document the year, their traits and my love, this particular milestone came on like gangbusters. I won’t blame this time of the year because it’s not her fault she was born 12 days before Christmas.

Bug: Your start in this world was definitely more chaotic than any of us would have hoped. It wasn’t bad, but you let us know early you were a force to be reckoned with. That’s okay. You may be a mini-whirlwind, but you also happen to have a heart the size of China.  I can’t believe you’re 4. But I also can’t remember a time when you didn’t exist.

In the last year, you’ve grown from my toddler to my big girl. You go to preschool and we never hear anything but good stuff. You are learning your letters, and numbers and working ever so hard to take the next step to reading. You are doing great with your new friends and figuring out the rules of school. You are becoming even more self-sufficient so when you let me help you, I try to enjoy it. Snuggling and cuddling you have become a highlight since you get to do it on your terms now. Imposing your will already.

You are a big sister, a little sister – a middle sister, if you want to get technical about it. I had no idea how much you would take to being the big sister. I know you have no memory of being the baby, but I’m amazed every day at the love you have for your little sister. You could teach the rest of us a thing or two about family if we’d take the time to listen to you. You would follow your big sisters to the end of the earth because you love them and admire them. If only they would realize how much you would give just for them to be happy… (Wait, on second thought, one of them would totally use that against you, so we’ll just leave that between us for now.) For now, I’ll just be content to watch and admire your demonstrations of love for us.

I’m impressed at your physical growth, too. If there were a prize for willing to try something with a smile and a giggle, you’d win that hands down. I love watching your spirit and your willingness to just keep at it. It’s not that you’re naturally athletic, you are. You figured out the batting thing super quick and hit line drives this summer. You bike like a maniac and next summer we’ll be without training wheels already. There are times your aim is better than Bert Blyleven’s. But, when you aren’t perfect the first time, you still try. And that makes me prouder than when you just naturally kick the ball through the goal on the first try. Even your Crossfit for Kids coach comments on your “not quit”. The pride in that is something I hope you keep forever.

Your emotional growth is pretty cool, too. Your patience with others. Definitely something to admire. I can’t tell you how often you would be the last one out of your activity, because you were patiently waiting for that boy to make up his mind about where to put the stamp instead of just shoving him out of the way (I’ll be honest, that would have been my inclination.)

Your smile for when I come home or just because. Your heart, your soul, your everything. I’m super proud to call you mine. I hope you will forever keep your patience for others and yourself. I hope you will continue to be the sticky glue for this family in your love for us. I love you my Bug.(Pictures in vest courtesy of Megan Stans/Digitalbean photography)

Talia preschool hair cut Raw Kiddos (6) Raw Kiddos (11) Raw Kiddos (32)


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