Bits’ birthday

Bits birthday

This entry is the continuation of blogging on my daughters’ birthdays so they have a living reminder of my love for them.

Two years ago, we brought in our finale. We knew going into the pregnancy this was our last one, and we had no requirements/hopes/dreams this would be a boy. We still just wanted a healthy baby. We got our caboose, our finale, our last one. A blessing, a love, and a joy.openingday

Two short years ago, we were wondering about you, hoping for healthy and strong, smart and loving. You’ve exceeded our expectations for you. Every day you bring joy to our family as a loving, free-spirited, impish individual. Your gene pool may be a dead giveaway to your sisters, but after that, you are your own person.

Your smile has brightened up so many bleak days, even when you start our days before the sun shone. Over the last 2 years we’ve seen your sense of humor come to fruition. Your joy in pranking your family and your full belly giggle make life a bit sweeter. This year you’ve learned and gained so much from walking to talking and your vocabulary is amazing. Your climbing skills are nothing short of phenomenal, you do things we’ve seen 4 year olds not even try.

My prayers for you are that you will always be ready to take on the next adventure, and never give into the fear of “I can’t”. Bits – if anyone can do it, you can. Your strength has been a source of inspiration for me so many times. Your spirit is so very strong and vital. I hope and pray that your spirit continues to make you a leader and a warrior.

Momma loved you yesterday, loves you today, and will love you tomorrow. Although I’m sad to say good bye to 1, I’m excited to see what 2 brings us. (Running picture and picture of the 3 girls taken by Megan Stans at Digitalbean Photography.)

all 3 littles Raw Kids (12) me and mommy so happy


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